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* updated the README to reflect the fact that the pg
module is supported by ActiveRecord now.

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 - How to use ?
 This gem builds and installs two PostgreSQL database adapters, 'postgres'
-and 'pg'. 'postgres' is currently (Jan 2008) the recommended PostgreSQL
-adapter for use with Rails.
+and 'pg'. 
 The standard way to download and install the most current stable  
 version of the postgres gem (from is to use  
 --with-pgsql-include-dir=/Library/PostgreSQL8/include --with-pgsql-lib- 
-To use the postgres adapter with Rails:
+To use the module with Rails:
 refer to it as
 adapter: postgresql
 in your database:yaml file
-The pg adapter cannot be used with Rails yet and is available for  
-testing and developer use.
 To use these modules in Ruby directly (not Rails), refer to the RDoc