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+== v0.15.0 [YYYY-MM-DD] Michael Granger <>
+- Fix segfault in PG::Result#field_values when called with non String value.
+- Fix encoding of messages delivered by notice callbacks.
+- Fix text encoding for Connection#wait_for_notify and Connection#notifies.
+- Fix 'Bad file descriptor' respectively wrong behaviour of #wait_for_notify()
+  on Windows and fix timeout handling of #block on Ruby 1.9 on Windows.
+Documentation fixes:
+- conn#socket() can not be used with IO.for_fd() on Windows.
+- Add single row mode of PostgreSQL 9.2.
+- Set fallback_application_name to programm name $0. Thanks to Will Leinweber
+  for the patch.
+- Release Ruby's GVL while calls to blocking libpq functions to allow better
+  concurrency in threaded applications.
+- Refactor different variants of waiting for the connection socket.
+- Make use of rb_thread_fd_select() on Ruby 1.9 and avoid deprecated
+  rb_thread_select().
+- Add an example of how to insert array data using a prepared statement (#145).
+- Add continous integration tests on
+- Fix various specs to run on older PostgreSQL and Ruby versions.
+- Avoid fork() in specs to allow usage on Windows and JRuby.
 == v0.14.1 [2012-09-02] Michael Granger <>
 Important bugfix: