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Add @tenderlove's patch credit to History, reworded some stuff

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 - Fix segfault in PG::Result#field_values when called with non String value.
 - Fix encoding of messages delivered by notice callbacks.
 - Fix text encoding for Connection#wait_for_notify and Connection#notifies.
-- Fix 'Bad file descriptor' respectively wrong behaviour of #wait_for_notify()
-  on Windows and fix timeout handling of #block on Ruby 1.9 on Windows.
+- Fix 'Bad file descriptor' problems under Windows: wrong behaviour of
+  #wait_for_notify() and timeout handling of #block on Ruby 1.9.
 Documentation fixes:
 - Add an example of how to insert array data using a prepared statement (#145).
 - Add continous integration tests on
+- Add PG::Result#each_value for looping over result sets by row. Thanks to
+  Aaron Patterson for the patch.