Fractional seconds ignored for Time/DateTime query parameters

Anonymous avatarAnonymous created an issue
c.exec("SELECT $1::timestamp", []).getvalue(0, 0)
=> "2012-03-01 19:53:37"

c.exec("SELECT '#{'%F %T.%N')}'::timestamp").getvalue(0, 0)
=> "2012-03-01 19:53:40.036878"

c.exec("SELECT $1::timestamp", []).getvalue(0, 0)
=> "2012-03-01 19:53:57"

c.exec("SELECT '#{'%F %T.%N')}'::timestamp").getvalue(0, 0)
=> "2012-03-01 19:54:06.082495"

Comments (2)

  1. Michael Granger

    All the parameter values get squashed into Strings before they're used:

    // pg_connection.c:845
    param_value = rb_obj_as_string(param_value_tmp);

    I'll have to special-case objects whose #to_s loses information like Time and DateTime.

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