Missing libpq.so.X when postgresql installed on non-standard location

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Edho Arief
created an issue

When postgresql is installed on non-standard location (say, /opt/PostgreSQL/9.2), the compile finished without error but raises error when used:

libpq.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory (LoadError)

One of the solution I tested to work is by adding

$LDFLAGS << " -Wl,-R%s" % [ `"#{pgconfig}" --libdir`.chomp ]

to the extconf.rb in addition to -I and -L in pgconfig test.

I'm not sure if it's the correct fix (and whether it works with non gcc/linux system).

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  1. Michael Granger repo owner
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    Yeah, I'll have to experiment with that to see how portable it is.

    Of course, in the meantime, you can also use one of the various runtime ways of modifying your LD_LIBRARY_PATH too.

  2. Lars Kanis

    What I do for non standard locations is something like this:

    env PATH=/usr/local/pgsql-8.3/bin/:$PATH LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/pgsql-8.3/lib gem inst pg (..or whatever command should use the nonstd installation)

    (... with /usr/local/pgsql-* compiled from postgresql.git, but it should work with deb/rpm-installed equally)

  3. Michael Granger repo owner

    Under MacOS X 10.8 with a Homebrew PostgreSQL, this makes the compile fail with:

    ld: unknown option: -R/usr/local/Cellar/postgresql/9.2.2/lib

    but maybe there's a more-portable way to do the same thing?

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