Shorten default `fallback_application_name` to avoid truncated identifier warning

Issue #156 resolved
Michael Granger repo owner created an issue

Via the discussion group:

I've tried to up the pg gem on a pretty average Rails app to 0.15.0 and once done, I get messages such as this one whenever a rake task is executed:

NOTICE: identifier "/var/www/" will be truncated to "/var/www/"

Most likely, this is not an issue of the pg gem, I guess notices have been suppressed on previous versions of it.

However, I don't have a clue as of where to look for the source of this problem. The message means that a statement contains "/var/www/" which is interpreted as an attribute (column). And since attributes can be only 64 chars max, it will be truncated.

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  1. phallstrom

    I'd also like to see this addressed.

    For those of you using Rails, you can quiet this down by adding the following to the VERY top of config/application.rb:

    ENV['PGAPPNAME'] = 'rails'

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