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Issue #18 resolved

improved spec test database setup

Lars Kanis
created an issue

The current setting up of the test database for running specs has imho some drawbacks:

  • pg_ctl hangs and createdb fails on Ubuntu 9.10

  • it takes minutes to init the db on a netbook for every single test

  • the log file is deleted at the end of the tests

Attached you can find some small changes that hopefully work on a wide range of systems out of the box.

Comments (4)

  1. Michael Granger repo owner
    • changed status to open
    • changed version to 0.8.0

    Thanks, I'll check out your patch! I want to be sure that the database is in a known pristine state before each spec, but I'm not sure a complete 'initdb' is necessary to ensure that. While it'd be nice if the specs ran fast on a netbook, IMO it's not worth the integrity of the specs, you know?

    The pg_ctl command hangs on Ubuntu because it can't write a lockfile to /var/run/postgres, which I guess is part of the package. I assume you've discovered some way of making it behave.

    Anyway, thanks again, and I'll look it over later today.

  2. Lars Kanis reporter

    Thanks for your fast answer. The initdb-call takes 90% of the time for setting up the test db. So it's maybe a good way to just drop and recreate the 'test' database for each test. This is what the second attached patch does.

    Yes, pg_ctl hangs because of missing permissions to create the lock and unix socket files. This is solved by the option -k. Moreover it has problems to recognize that the postgres process is up and running. This is solved by using PGHOST and PGPORT instead of command line parameters.

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