Allow URI connection string

Issue #189 resolved
Chris Bandy created an issue

libpq has supported URI connection string since PostgreSQL 9.2, Sep 2012.

It would be great to be able to do the following:

conn = PG.connect('postgresql://user:pass@postgresql.lxc:5432/development?sslmode=require')

Discussion on mailing list:!topic/ruby-pg/QyueL4oCq1M

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  1. Paul Jolly

    Any chance we can get this merged in?

    Unless there's another way that I can specify that sslmode=disable?

  2. Eric Radman

    I was able to work around this problem by manually converting the connection string to parameters:

    require "uri"
    conn = URI.parse( ENV['PGHOST'] )
      :host => URI.decode(,
      :port => conn.port,
      :user => conn.user ? conn.user : ENV['USER'],
      :password => conn.password,
      :dbname => conn.path[1..-1]

    Unfortunately adding this kind of parsing into individual applications is almost certainly incomplete (this doesn't handle query string arguments, for example) so official support would be very valuable.

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