hostaddr with Postgres 9.4

Issue #202 resolved
Vít Ondruch
created an issue

I observe this error on Fedora Rawhide:

  1) PG::Connection can retrieve it's connection parameters for the established connection
     Failure/Error: expect( @conn.hostaddr ).to eq( nil ) if @conn.server_version >= 9_04_00
       undefined method `hostaddr' for #<PG::Connection:0x000000030dc8e0>
     # ./spec/pg/connection_spec.rb:166:in `block (2 levels) in <top (required)>'
     # ./spec/helpers.rb:29:in `block in included'

although I have postgres 9.4 installed:

$ rpm -q postgresql-devel

This is apparently due to:

checking for PQhostaddr()... no

And it seems tath PQhostadd was reverted from 9.4:

This test was introduced by 3a7b6a1d1cfe9f4403f22372ccb49c73a036f896

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