Crazy Bytes Being Added to Record Attribute

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Faraz created an issue

We had a fairly insane bug using PG v9.3.2 PG v0.17.1, and Ruby v2.2.0 that was alleviated by upgrading to v0.18.1, and I thought I should bring it up here.

Somewhere after ActiveRecord hands off SQL statement to the PG::Connection, seemingly random bits are being added to the end of an email string.

Here are some examples:\u007f

(Note the wonky delete character!)

Occasionally completely garbage bits get added causing a PG::CharacterNotInRepertoire error.

I thoroughly debugged the values of the email, and everything seems clean even before ActiveRecord's call to #async_exec, but retrieving the record back from the database (if the PG::CharacterNotInRepertoire had not occurred, of course) reveals those mystery bits.

Original SO post:

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  1. Faraz reporter

    I realize this now of course. :)

    Can a warning of sorts be posted in the readme? Or perhaps release a teeny
    1.7 version that's incompatible with Ruby 2.2?

    This was one hell of a bug to track down...

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