Ruby process freeze when using empty array on second argument of async_exec with pgpool-ii

Issue #266 resolved
Gabriel Sobrinho
created an issue

I'm not sure this is a problem with pg gem or pgpoll-ii.

The problem happens with that code:

require 'pg'

conn = PG.connect(dbname: 'itsalive', port: 9999)
conn.async_exec('select 1', [])

The process freezes and it can be stopped with CTRL+C, the only way to kill the process is using CTRL-Z + kill -9 %1.

Using a direct connection to the master database it works as expected by returning the result.

The same problem happens when using exec instead of async_exec.

I'm going to cross-post this issue on pgpool to be sure (pgpool-II version 3.6.2 (subaruboshi)).

PG VERSION 0.21.0 (this version isn't available on Version combo here on bitbucket)

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