Inconsistent API for exec/exec_params vs. async versions

Issue #276 resolved
Lars Kanis
created an issue

For the sync API we separate exec from exec_params and deprecate the differentiation through methods parameters. However this is not done for async_exec nor for send_query.

I think we should fix this uneven situation by either:

  1. Add send_query_params and async_exec_params with the same deprecation warning
  2. Un-deprecate the differentiation and deprecate exec_params instead.

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  1. Lars Kanis reporter

    Add async_exec_params and send_query_params

    This corresponds to exec vs. exec_params.

    Calling async_exec or send_query with query params is deprecated now.

    Also rename async_query_prepared to async_exec_prepared, so that it matches the name of the corresponding sync methods.

    Fixes #276 .

    → <<cset f6c2471863de>>

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