Bad file descriptor - rb_wait_for_single_fd()

Issue #282 resolved
Lars Kanis
created an issue

Mailed by Sam Saffron:

We upgraded to PG 1.1 this week and for the first time I am seeing error in async_exec with

    `ERRNO::EBADF`  (Bad file descriptor - rb_wait_for_single_fd())

Is there some change in async_exec that could be triggering this? We never saw this on 1.0. The frequency of the errors is very small, but there may be some sort of new concurrency issue.

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  1. Michael Granger repo owner

    Revert "Move PQsocket() to connection init for better performance"

    Storing a copy of the socket file descriptor has the risk of getting out of sync with the socket stored in PGconn. This could happen while conn.reset().

    Instead of fixing this, I propose to revert this commit. The performance benefit is not mesurable and it is in a code section where the client is waiting for the server anyways.

    Fixes #282 (hopefully)

    → <<cset b49f54dc755b>>

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