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There's no online documentation for the pg gem. Googling and running gem server show no docs on how to use it.

Online tools (maybe rdoc?) are too cumbersome; documentation should just be online and should be available for all versions of the pg gem.

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  1. Michael Granger repo owner

    I will try take this ticket as constructively as possible, but with the wording as-is I'm inclined to just close this as WONTFIX. There absolutely is documentation, so to start off with a peevish declaration like "There's no documentation" is unhelpful at best.

    I'm not sure why the rdoc isn't building for you, but every method is documented in detail. I will assume that you've just given it the same amount of effort that you've spent writing this ticket (which is to say a minute at best) and ignore that bit. If you have something actually constructive to say about the API docs, I'd be happy to address whatever issues you have with them.

    As for your assertion that "documentation should just be online": I'm curious to what authority you're appealing. You seem to think that my spending my free time maintaining this gem somehow obliges me to also provide you with an online documentation service, which I simply reject. I owe you exactly nothing. If I hadn't had my idealism drummed out of me by people of your ilk in the past, I'd actually be inclined to think that it is you who owe me: the courtesy of civil discourse about how the fruits of my labor didn't meet your expectation at a minimum, and some modicum of effort to help remedy the problem by contributing back if you're able. I've given up that idea, because it seems that a not-insignificant part of what used to be a community of enthusiastic, helpful, polite people has been infected with a raft of pessimistic, entitled, whiny dilettantes looking for a handout and bitching when it needs a bit of assembly or reading.

    So here's what I'll do, as my time allows:

    1. I'll start work on a higher-level manual that will serve as a "getting started" document. Documentation is hard, thankless work, and it's not nearly as satisfying as working on the code, so it's going to take some time.
    2. I'll provide links to several different places where the API documentation is published on the wiki of this site in hopes that Google will pick it up and it'll be easier to find via Google.

    Hopefully that will be enough.

  2. Michael Granger repo owner

    I've now made the changes to the wiki page on this site, and I've opened #79 to track progress on the manual.

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