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Is the rake-compiler gem needed for runtime?

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I am packaging pg as a RPM for RHEL (and derivatives) and I wanted to add the latest 0.12.0 release. I can see that rake-compiler has been added as a runtime dependency. Is this really needed, or should it only be a development one? If rake-compiler is really needed at runtime, does it mean that a C compiler is also needed?

Thank you.

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  1. eolamey reporter

    I just realized this is a stupid question :) It actually only makes sense for packagers such as myself. What I want to do is distribute a RPM with the gem already compiled, so I need to have rake-compiler on the machine that produces the RPM, but my users won't. I need to remove the runtime dependency for them though, which might be a problem...

  2. Michael Granger repo owner

    Exactly right.

    I'm not sure what the resolution is for packagers like yourself, but people who wish to install the gem from source will definitely need rake-compiler installed before they do so.

  3. eolamey reporter


    Thank you for your answer, and sorry for taking up your time with silly tickets. I solved the issue by packaging rake-compiler and added it as a build dependency for the RPM itself, but removed the dependency from the gem specification, once installed (a bit hacky, but I don't see any other solution). If you ever need it, RPM packages can be found at

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