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Converted to Hoe
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Add generated error codes file to the ignorelist
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Added signature for changeset 7d31b04e7913
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Added tag v0.18.2 for changeset 22a361201fd1
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Add the Gemfile to the list of files that don't have to be on the Manifest.
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Updated build system
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Rearranging classes under the PG namespace to be a better Ruby citizen
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Bump the rvm gemset gem versions
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Bump default rvm Ruby to 2.2
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Fix indent in project settings
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Update ruby and postgresql versions for travic-ci
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Add missing BSDL license file (fixes #108)
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Update Rafał Bigaj's email address in Contributors.rdoc at his request
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Update versions of rake-compiler-dock, OpenSSL and PostgreSQL.
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Update History.rdoc
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Updated/simplified authors/license sections of the README, API doc cleanup,
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Keep the manifest sorted so it can be diffed.
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fix cross compilation of win32 binary gem, fix mixed case file naming
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More case-corrections
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Update README-Windows in regards to rake-compiler-dock.
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Update READMEs
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Add Appveyor status badge to the README.
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Add include for Hoe::MercurialHelpers as a temporary solution for the error:
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Update OpenSSL version for Windows cross build.
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Use 9.3 because 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2 segfault in PG.init_openssl