ruby-pg / History.rdoc

== v0.16.0 [2013-07-22] Michael Granger <>


- Avoid warnings about uninitialized instance variables.
- Use a more standard method of adding library and include directories.
  This fixes build on AIX (Github #7) and Solaris (#164).
- Cancel the running query, if a thread is about to be killed (e.g. by CTRL-C).
- Fix GVL issue with wait_for_notify/notifies and notice callbacks.
- Set proper encoding on the string returned by quote_ident, escape_literal
  and escape_identifier (#163).
- Use nil as PG::Error#result in case of a NULL-result from libpq (#166).
- Recalculate the timeout of conn#wait_for_notify and conn#block in case
  of socket events that require re-runs of select().

Documentation fixes:

- Fix non working example for PGresult#error_field.


- Add unique exception classes for each PostgreSQL error type (#5).
- Return result of the block in conn#transaction instead of nil (#158).
- Allow 'rake compile' and 'rake gem' on non mercurial repos.
- Add support for PG_DIAG_*_NAME error fields of PostgreSQL-9.3 (#161).

== v0.15.1 [2013-04-08] Michael Granger <>


- Shorten application_name to avoid warnings about truncated identifier.

== v0.15.0 [2013-03-03] Michael Granger <>


- Fix segfault in PG::Result#field_values when called with non String value.
- Fix encoding of messages delivered by notice callbacks.
- Fix text encoding for Connection#wait_for_notify and Connection#notifies.
- Fix 'Bad file descriptor' problems under Windows: wrong behaviour of
  #wait_for_notify() and timeout handling of #block on Ruby 1.9.

Documentation fixes:

- conn#socket() can not be used with IO.for_fd() on Windows.


- Tested under Ruby 2.0.0p0.
- Add single row mode of PostgreSQL 9.2.
- Set fallback_application_name to programm name $0. Thanks to Will Leinweber
  for the patch.
- Release Ruby's GVL while calls to blocking libpq functions to allow better
  concurrency in threaded applications.
- Refactor different variants of waiting for the connection socket.
- Make use of rb_thread_fd_select() on Ruby 1.9 and avoid deprecated
- Add an example of how to insert array data using a prepared statement (#145).
- Add continous integration tests on
- Add PG::Result#each_row for iterative over result sets by row. Thanks to
  Aaron Patterson for the patch.
- Add a PG::Connection#socket_io method for fetching a (non-autoclosing) IO
  object for the connection's socket.


- Fix various specs to run on older PostgreSQL and Ruby versions.
- Avoid fork() in specs to allow usage on Windows and JRuby.

== v0.14.1 [2012-09-02] Michael Granger <>

Important bugfix:

- Fix stack overflow bug in PG::Result#values and #column_values (#135). Thanks
  to everyone who reported the bug, and Lars Kanis especially for figuring out
  the problem.

PostgreSQL 9.2 beta fixes:

- Recognize PGRES_SINGLE_TUPLE as OK when checking PGresult (Jeremy Evans)

Documentation fixes:

- Add note about the usage scope of the result object received by the
  #set_notice_receiver block. (Lars Kanis)
- Add PGRES_COPY_BOTH to documentation of PG::Result#result_status. (Lars Kanis)
- Add some documentation to PG::Result#fnumber (fix for #139)

== v0.14.0 [2012-06-17] Michael Granger <>

  #47, #104

New Methods for PostgreSQL 9 and async API support:
- ::library_version

- ::ping
- #escape_literal
- #escape_identifier
- #set_default_encoding

- #check

New Samples:

This release also comes with a collection of contributed sample scripts for
doing resource-utilization reports, graphing database statistics,
monitoring for replication lag, shipping WAL files for replication,
automated tablespace partitioning, etc. See the samples/ directory.

== v0.13.2 [2012-02-22] Michael Granger <>

- Make builds against PostgreSQL earlier than 8.3 fail with a descriptive
  message instead of a compile failure.

== v0.13.1 [2012-02-12] Michael Granger <>

- Made use of a finished PG::Connection raise a PG::Error instead of
  a fatal error (#110).
- Added missing BSDL license file (#108)

== v0.13.0 [2012-02-09] Michael Granger <>

Reorganization of modules/classes to be better Ruby citizens (with backward-compatible aliases):
- Created toplevel namespace 'PG' to correspond with the gem name.
- Renamed PGconn to PG::Connection (with ::PGconn alias)
- Renamed PGresult to PG::Result (with ::PGresult alias)
- Renamed PGError to PG::Error (with ::PGError alias)
- Declare all constants inside PG::Constants, then include them in
  PG::Connection and PG::Result for backward-compatibility, and
  in PG for convenience.
- Split the extension source up by class/module.
- Removed old compatibility code for PostgreSQL versions < 8.3

- Clarified licensing, updated to Ruby 1.9's license.
- Merged authors list, added some missing people to the Contributor's
- Cleaned up the sample/ directory
- Making contact info a bit clearer, link to the Google+ page and
  the mailing list

- Added a convenience method: PG.connect ->

- Fixed LATIN5-LATIN10 Postgres<->Ruby encoding conversions

== v0.12.2 [2012-01-03] Michael Granger <>

- Fix for the 1.8.7 breakage introduced by the st.h fix for alternative Ruby
  implementations (#97 and #98). Thanks to Lars Kanis for the patch.
- Encode error messages with the connection's encoding under 1.9 (#96)

== v0.12.1 [2011-12-14] Michael Granger <>

- Made rake-compiler a dev dependency, as Rubygems doesn't use the Rakefile
  for compiling the extension. Thanks to eolamey@bitbucket and Jeremy Evans
  for pointing this out.
- Added an explicit include for ruby/st.h for implementations that need it
  (fixes #95).

== v0.12.0 [2011-12-07] Michael Granger <>

- PGconn#wait_for_notify
  * send nil as the payload argument if the NOTIFY didn't have one.
  * accept a nil argument for no timeout (Sequel support)
  * Fixed API docs
  * Taint and encode event name and payload
- Handle errors while rb_thread_select()ing in PGconn#block.
  (Brian Weaver).
- Fixes for Win32 async queries (Rafał Bigaj)
- Memory leak fixed: Closing opened WSA event. (rafal)
- Fixes for #66 Win32 asynchronous queries hang on connection
  error. (rafal)
- Fixed a typo in PGconn#error_message's documentation
- fixing unused variable warnings for ruby 1.9.3 (Aaron Patterson)
- Build system bugfixes
- Converted to Hoe
- Updates for the Win32 binary gem builds (Lars Kanis)

== v0.11.0 [2011-02-09] Michael Granger <>


* Added a PGresult#values method to fetch all result rows as an Array of
  Arrays. Thanks to Jason Yanowitz (JYanowitz at enovafinancial dot com) for
  the patch.

== v0.10.1 [2011-01-19] Michael Granger <>


* Add an include guard for pg.h
* Simplify the common case require of the ext
* Include the extconf header
* Fix compatibility with versions of PostgreSQL without PQgetCancel. (fixes #36)
* Fix require for natively-compiled extension under Windows. (fixes #55)
* Change rb_yield_splat() to rb_yield_values() for compatibility with Rubinius. (fixes #54)

== v0.10.0 [2010-12-01] Michael Granger <>


* Added support for the payload of NOTIFY events (w/Mahlon E. Smith)
* Updated the build system with Rubygems suggestions from RubyConf 2010


* Fixed issue with PGconn#wait_for_notify that caused it to miss notifications that happened after
  the LISTEN but before the wait_for_notify.

== v0.9.0 [2010-02-28] Michael Granger <>


== v0.8.0 [2009-03-28] Jeff Davis <>

Bugfixes, better Windows support.