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-= ruby-pg: Ruby interface to PostgreSQL RDBMS =
-This is the extension library to access a PostgreSQL database from Ruby. This
-library works with PostgreSQL 7.4 and later.
+Pg is the Ruby interface to the [[PostgreSQL RDBMS http://www.postgresql.org/]].
+It works with PostgreSQL 8.2 and later.
 == Requirements ==
-* Ruby 1.8.6 or later.
-* PostgreSQL 7.3 or later installed.
+* Ruby 1.8.7-p249 or later.
+* The libpq library from PostgreSQL 8.2.x or later.
 It may work with earlier versions as well, but those are not regularly tested.
 == How To Install ==
 Install via RubyGems:
-gem install pg
-Or install from source:
-rake install
+	gem install pg
 You may need to specify the path to the 'pg_config' program installed with
-gem install pg -- --with-pg-config=<path to pg_config>
+	gem install pg -- --with-pg-config=<path to pg_config>
-Or from source:
+See [[MacOSXInstructions]] for more information about installing under MacOS X, and [[Win32Instructions]] for Windows build/installation instructions.
-rake -- --with-pg-config=<path to pg_config>
-For example, on a Mac with PostgreSQL installed via MacPorts 
-({{{port install postgresql84}}}):
+== Contributing ==
-rake install -- --with-pg-config=/opt/local/lib/postgresql84/bin/pg_config
+This project also maintains [[https://github.com/ged/ruby-pg a Git mirror on Github]] for those of you who prefer that DVCS.
-See [[MacOSXInstructions|MacOS X Instructions]] for more information about installing under MacOS X, and 
-[[Win32Instructions|Win32 Instructions]] for Windows build/installation instructions.
+After checking out the source, run:
-On **Ubuntu**, /usr/bin/pg_config is provided by the libpq-dev package.
+	$ rake newb
-== Usage ==
-The library comes with full API documentation; if you don't wish to build it yourself you can find copies of it online in either [[http://deveiate.org/code/pg/|RDoc]] or [[http://rubydoc.info/gems/pg/0.11.0/frames|YARD]] output formats.
-You'll want to check out the {{{PGconn}}} class first, and then once you have a result, that'll be an instance of the {{{PGresult}}} class.
-You can also check out some working examples in the [[https://bitbucket.org/ged/ruby-pg/src/3d744d9776c3/sample/|sample directory]] in the source.
-If you get stuck, drop by #ruby-lang on Freenode IRC; my nick is 'ged', and there are usually other people that can help. Or feel free to contact me via my @FaerieMUD email address, which you can find via `gem spec pg email`.
+This task will install any missing dependencies, run the tests/specs, and generate the API documentation.
 == Copying ==
 This library is copyrighted by the authors.
 * Yukihiro Matsumoto <matz@ruby-lang.org> - Author of Ruby.
 * Eiji Matsumoto <usagi@ruby.club.or.jp> - One of users who loves Ruby.
 * Jeff Davis <ruby-pg@j-davis.com>
 Thanks to:
 * Noboru Saitou <noborus@netlab.jp> - Past maintainer.
 * Dave Lee - Past maintainer.
 * Guy Decoux (ts) <decoux@moulon.inra.fr> 
-* Jeff Davis <ruby-pg@j-davis.com>
+Current Maintainer:
 * Michael Granger <ged@FaerieMUD.org>
 You may redistribute this software under the terms of the Ruby license,
 Portions copyright LAIKA, Inc.
 == Acknowledgments ==
-We are thankful to the people at the ruby-list and ruby-dev mailing lists, the people on #postgresql and #Ruby-Pro on irc.freenode.net, and to the people who developed PostgreSQL.
+We are thankful to the people at the ruby-list and ruby-dev mailing lists. And to the people who developed PostgreSQL.