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-== Welcome ==
+= The Ruby 'pg' Library =
-Welcome to your wiki! This is the default page we've installed for your convenience. Go ahead and edit it.
+This is the extension library to access a PostgreSQL database from Ruby. This library works with PostgreSQL 7.4 and later.
-=== Wiki features ===
+== Requirements ==
-This wiki uses the [[|Creole]] syntax, and is fully compatible with the 1.0 specification.
+  * Ruby 1.8.7 or later.
+  * PostgreSQL 7.3 or later.
-The wiki itself is actually a hg repository, which means you can clone it, edit it locally/offline, add images or any other file type, and push it back to us. It will be live immediately.
+It may work with earlier versions as well, but they are not regularly tested.
-Go ahead and try:
+== Installation ==
-$ hg clone
+Install with RubyGems:
-Wiki pages are normal files, with the .wiki extension. You can edit them locally, as well as creating new ones.
+  gem install pg
-=== Syntax highlighting ===
+Or install as a regular ruby extension from the source directory:
-You can also highlight snippets of text, we use the excellent [[|Pygments]] library.
+  rake install
-Here's an example of some Python code:
+You may need to specify the directory name for the include files and the -lpq library by using
+    --with-pgsql-include=<include file directory>
+    --with-pgsql-lib=<library directory>
-def wiki_rocks(text):
-	formatter = lambda t: "funky"+t
-	return formatter(text)
+For example:
-You can check out the source of this page to see how that's done, and make sure to bookmark [[|the vast library of Pygment lexers]], we accept the 'short name' or the 'mimetype' of anything in there.
+  ruby extconf.rb --with-pgsql-include=/usr/local/pgsql/include \
+                  --with-pgsql-lib=/usr/local/pgsql/lib
-Have fun!
+== Acknowledgments ==
+We are thankful to the people at the ruby-list and ruby-dev mailing lists.
+And to the people who developed PostgreSQL.
+== Copying ==
+This library is copyrighted by its authors; Yukihiro Matsumoto, and Eiji Matsumoto.
+Portions copyright LAIKA, Inc.