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Andy Atkinson
created an issue

Hello. We're using 1.0.0 of the gem in our app now and it is working out great. However we noticed that bundle installing the gem is relatively slow. It doesn't look like there are any large files in the gem.

Have you noticed this? Do you have any suggestions on something I could investigate to see if there are large files that could be moved outside of mercurial? I didn't see anything doing a quick visual scan. I don't know how to check a mercurial repo for large files.


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  1. Michael Granger repo owner

    I haven't noticed it being any slower than any other gem, but then again I don't use Bundler for anything.

    Here's an install of the gem itself on my laptop:

    $ time gem install wordnet
    Fetching: sequel-3.48.0.gem (100%)
    Successfully installed sequel-3.48.0
    If you don't already have a WordNet database installed somewhere,
    you'll need to either download and install one from:
    or just install the 'wordnet-defaultdb' gem, which will install
    the SQLite version for you.
    Successfully installed wordnet-1.0.0
    2 gems installed
    real    0m8.921s
    user    0m0.784s
    sys 0m0.160s

    The only thing I can think of that may be slow is documentation-generation. Can you try installing with -N (--no-document)? E.g.,

    gem install -N wordnet

    Maybe bundle config can do that for a bundler-installed gem? I don't know.

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