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Revalidate parameters when using the index operator.

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 	### Index fetch operator; fetch the validated (and possible parsed) value for
 	### form field +key+.
 	def []( key )
+		self.validate unless self.validated?
 		return @valid[ key.to_sym ]


 			@validator.param_names.should include( 'a_field' )
+		it "revalidates parameters when new constraints are added" do
+			@validator.validate( 'blorp' => 'true' )
+			@validator[ :blorp ].should be_nil
+			@validator.add( :blorp, :boolean )
+			@validator[ :blorp ].should be_true
+		end
 		it "ignores identical duplicate constraints to be added twice" do
 			@validator.add( :a_field, :string )
 			@validator.add( :a_field, :string )
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