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Issue #9 resolved

App starting problem

Roman Dolgushin
created an issue

Hello! There is a problem about my Strelka helloworld application. It is a little strange. I trying to run app by strelka -D . -l error -c conf/helloworld.yml start helloworld command and everything looks right, but when I starting Mongrel2 by m2sh.rb start app is falls (but Mongrel2 working and serving static successfully).

Here application log:

Starting the helloworld app
Assertion failed: buffer_size == header_size (stream_engine.cpp:484)
[1]    3601 abort      strelka -D . -l error -c conf/helloworld.yml start helloworld

I use custom compled Mongrel2 1.8.0 from here: https://github.com/zedshaw/mongrel2/tarball/v1.8.0

Comments (5)

  1. Roman Dolgushin reporter

    I think that the problem is in conjunction Mongrel2 ZeroMQ. To my mind, ZeroMQ is a great project with minimum of bugs, but mongrel2 now can be outdated. At least I could not find a decent package Mongrel2 under Gentoo (as opposed to ZeroMQ). I have long experimented with the assembly of both, put the latest, in the end it worked, but Mongrel2 never gave me nothing but a long wait for a response. So I decided to try something else, like Sinatra, until I can solve this problem.

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