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-= Treequel - an honest LDAP library
+= Treequel
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 == Description
 Treequel is an LDAP toolkit for Ruby. It is intended to allow quick, easy
 access to LDAP directories in a manner consistent with LDAP's hierarchical,
-free-form nature. 
+free-form nature.
 It's inspired by and modeled after {Sequel}[], a
 kick-ass database library.
 	self.readme_file = 'README.rdoc'
 	self.history_file = 'History.rdoc'
 	self.extra_rdoc_files = Rake::FileList[ '*.rdoc' ]
+	self.spec_extras[:rdoc_options] = ['-f', 'fivefish', '-t', 'Treequel']
 	self.need_tar = true
 	self.need_zip = true