Bash Booster

Bash Booster is a single file library, which provides various features useful during setup environment and preparing servers. It is inspired by Chef and was developed to be used with Vagrant. When Chef is too heavy, use Bash Booster, because it has been written using Bash only and requires nothing.

Quick Start

  1. Get the source code:

    $ hg clone ssh:// bash-booster
    $ cd bash-booster
  2. Build the library file

    $ ./
  3. Use it!

A traditional “Hello World” script looks like this (you can find it in


# Remove undesirable side effects of CDPATH variable
unset CDPATH
# Change current working directory to the directory contains this script
cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )"

# Initialize Bash Booster

# Log message with log level "INFO"
bb-log-info "Hello World"

It just prints a line to stderr: [INFO] Hello world

More interesting example, which demonstrates almost all features of Bash Booster you can find at example/ This script is used for provisioning virtual machines managed by Vagrant. A Vagrantfile placed at the root of sources sets up three virtual machines: ubuntu, centos, and debian. Bootstrap script installs Nginx web-server, builds Bash Booster documentation, and places compiled HTML into web-root directory. Just run:

$ vagrant up

...and have some coffee, then visit:

If you run vagrant provision again, script will finish almost immediately. It happens, because it does not do unnecessary job: all packages installed, web-server configured, HTML compiled.