Copying of photos doesn't work

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Denis Nelubin
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From: Jaime Marsh
Date: 03 февр. 2015 г. 8:47
Subject: Re: Send to SD card

I just tried the version you sent me, unfortunately still the same results. Photos get copied not moved, but do get removed from gallery until reboot.


In the last update I changed a way to detect that the file to move and the destination folder are on the same filesystem. In this case it's possible to use system 'rename' call which is much faster than copy the file byte-by-byte and remove the original. I tried to take into consideration that modern Android devices can have multiple storages: internal storage, external SD card, even USB drives can be attached. It looks like my way to do things goes wrong in your case.

Try to install and check the attached APK file. I've modified the algorithm to be closer to the original one. And please email me about the result. If it become ok for you, I'll update the app on Google Play.

Hello since the last update pictures get copied to destination instead of moved. It remove pictures from the library which return after a restart, cause they're still in the DCIM folder. I have my camera set to store pictures on external SD card. It use to performed that action all the time and it always works fine. It will move pictures from internal memory to the SD card, just not from external SD to external SD. Samsung Note 3 Android 4.4.4 Rooted with kitkat fix

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