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Oban Star-Racers Online Free

DOWNLOAD: http://urllio.com/r4qy1

Earth, 2082, twenty-five years after the failed invasion of the Crog forces. Young Eva (15) is determined to be reunited with her father, race manager Don Wei, who sent her off to a tough boarding school after the tragic death of the mother, ten years earlier. She escapes from school and secretly joins her dad's famous star-racer team under the alias "Molly". But Don Wei doesn't recognize his daughter. He has other troubles on his mind: the President of the Earth Coalition has just put him in charge of a dangerous top-secret mission. Don Wei must lead the Earth to victory in a mysterious and mythical intergalactic competition - The Great Race of Oban. It is said that the outcome of the competition will radically transform the balance of power within our Galaxy. Earth cannot afford to lose - especially not against the Crogs! Before she knows what is happening, "Molly" takes off for the planet Alwas, the first stage of The Great Race of Oban, with Don Wei, champion pilot Rick Thunderbolt, gunner Jordan and mechanics Stan and Koji. The fate of Molly and her friends, as well as the future of the human race, are now inextricably intertwined.
The premise of Oban Star-Racers is a simple one: Racing to save the world. The appeal of this show is not in it&#39;s premise, but in the execution.<br/><br/>The execution is by no means perfect. The editing is rather weird and the story is quite predictable at times, but the way the story is told is what keeps you there.<br/><br/>A lot of anime, even fan-favorites like Code Geass have the problem of an excessive need to have characters explain things. It ignores an important rule in any visual medium: show don&#39;t tell. It&#39;s rare to see this rule applied in an anime, even rarer to see it applied in an anime presumably intended for kids.<br/><br/>11 episodes in, Oban Star-Racers shows without telling. There is no music to tell you how to feel(if there is any I didn&#39;t notice it), and the explanation in it is very minimal sans the opening. The characters evolve through interacting with each other and through the progression of the plot, not by another character noticing the changes and explaining them through monologue. The dialog is natural for the most part, and the English voice acting is extremely well done.<br/><br/>The characters themselves are rather interesting, with a good back-stories and good development for the main characters. The side characters get a decent amount of development as well. They&#39;re not developed much, but enough so that they don&#39;t feel like cardboard cutouts. The animation is wonderful, with creative races that are rather unique hence not boring, The reason I don&#39;t want to give this show a full ten is because of the story is quite predictable and the editing is botched in some scenes, though it certainly has earned it&#39;s 9 stars for the excellent interactions between the characters and overall execution.<br/><br/>This is a must watch, especially for anime writers who could learn a thing or two about storytelling from this show.
This is a really great series with an engaging story line,a really good mix of 2d and 3d animation and fully developed characters that are neither all good or all bad but each has motivations that regulate how they act. The story takes place on a future earth where there have been many technological advances and contact with other intelligent species has been made. It focuses on a 15 year old girl, Eva, who goes to meet with her father after he missed her birthday. He turns out to be such a jerk and doesn&#39;t recognize her that she pretends to be Molly, a kid with a good skill at repairing racers. Her father, Don Wei, manages racing teams and is known as the best race manager on the planet. Before long, the president (of the world?), has recruited Don Wei to lead a team to race in an interplanetary competition on which the earth depends on winning. Molly stows away to the race planet to be with her father and to prove to him that she is something to be proud of.

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