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You lead a research group, a large project, or just your own work. You want to present research publications on the web in an orderly, self-updating, attractive, and, most importantly, painless way. If that sounds interesting, get The Pub.

What is The Pub?

A software application that helps you to store your publications and present them on the web. We use it for example in the Spiral project, which is used as example below.

The basic idea is simple: you enter your publications including relevant information (such as bibliographic information, keywords, abstract, link to preprint) through a web interface into a database. The Pub will do the following:

  • Generate a website listing all your publications in a default order: year - type (Example). This website is meant to be the entry point to your publications for the outside world.
  • Provide a search and sort interface, for example, by keywords, authors, year, etc. (Example). The resulting list can be linked to. This way you can have, for example, a self-updating link to all papers with a given keyword or author.
  • Each title in a generated list is a link to a generated abstract page (Example). Note the information (some of it optional) it contains. An important example are links to additional files and information. This functionality is meant to support reproducible research. All this information you enter into the database together with your paper.
  • The look of all generated pages is determined by standard style sheets and a template that you can provide. For example, see how it looks in the Spiral project and in the Smart project.
  • The Pub will generate bibtex entries for all papers. Special characters are handled correctly and in an extensible way. See the bibtex link in any of the examples above.

To enter and edit publications into the database The Pub provides you with an internal web interface that you can access by logging in (Example, you will not be able to log in). Inside you can do the following:

  • Enter new publications.
  • Edit everything in the database including author names and conference or journal names.
  • Include new special characters for handling in bibtex.
  • Access information like how many papers each author published.

Documentation for the internal part is provided by links in strategic locations. Besides the above the interface has other nice features that you can explore for yourself.

Software requirements

The following applications are required to run The Pub on your web server:

Download and Installation

Download ThePub. Unpack and open the readme file and go to the installation section.


The pub is distributed under the GNU General Public License GPL License.

Related Work

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The Pub was originally designed and developed by Patra Pantupat, Aliaksei Sandryhaila, and Markus PĆ¼schel at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University in 2007. Some additions were made later by Phillip Stanley-Marbell and it was moved to bitbucket.

Please send comments to pueschel@inf.ethz (you have to add "dot ch" to this address).