Layer name:          meta-kde
Layer purpose:       Support plasma active and plasma desktop in OpenEmbedded
Layer status:        Work in progress / unstable
Layer dependencies:  meta-networking, meta-openembedded, openembedded-core
Layer license:       MIT license (see COPYING.MIT)

Layer maintainers:
Samuel Stirtzel <>

Copyright 2012 - Kai Kang
Copyright 2013 - Khem Raj
Copyright 2012, 2013 - Koen Kooi
Copyright 2012 - Robert Yang
Copyright 2011-2013 - Samuel Stirtzel

Thanks to:
Andreas Müller

Requires setupscripts from the Angstrom distribution or Poky from the Yocto Project.

To intall this layer you need to add it to the config/bblayer.conf.
If you want to update the layer automatically with your setupscripts add it to sources/layer.txt files.

Please note that it is a good advice to delete the tmp and sstate directories when adding or removing layers,
in the meta-kde case there will be problems with dependencies (qt4) otherwise.
(Alternatively it would be faster to rebuild just Qt with "bitbake -ccleansstate qt4-x11-free && bitbake qt4-x11-free")

Issues with poky should be fixed now that Systemd has moved out of meta-oe.

FAQ / Troubleshooting:
  Q: How can I contribute my patches / recipes to this layer?
  A: Send a patch or merge request to the meta-oe mailing list with [meta-kde] in the subject field.
     Don't forget to add your name to the contributors list.

  Q: A recipe does not build, breaks parsing, what to do?
  A: This layer is still work in progress, breakage can happen at any time.
     Contact a layer maintainer, if the problem is easy to fix send a patch.
     If the error is not that simple, wait until the issue is fixed (or disable this layer if parsing fails).

  Q: How to report bugs / request features?
  A: Send your bugreports / feature requests to the openembedded-developer mailing list.
     Include the [meta-kde] tag in the subject for easier readability.
     You can find the mailing list here: