==================== Django Mptt Comments ==================== Django Mptt Comments is a simple way to display threaded comments instead of the django contrib comments. Installation ============ #. Get the required third party modules :: svn checkout svn checkout #. Get Mptt Comments hg clone #. Add the `mptt_comments` directory to your Python path. #. Add the needed apps to `INSTALLED_APPS` :: 'django.contrib.comments', 'django.contrib.markup', 'template_utils', 'mptt', 'mptt_comments' #. Add `mptt_comments.urls` to your projects urlconf :: (r'^comments/', include('mptt_comments.urls')), #. Add the required code to the objects detail page (see Usage) #. Copy the templates to adapt them for your site #. Style the forms using css Usage ===== In any detail template that wants to use `mptt_comments` :: {% block extrahead %} {% load mptt_comments_tags %} {% mptt_comments_media %} {% endblock extrahead %} To display the toplevel tree in templates: :: {% load mptt_comments_tags %} {% display_comment_toplevel_for object %} SETTINGS ======== MPTT_COMMENTS_OFFSET Number of comments displayed before 'read more' link appears MPTT_COMMENTS_CUTOFF Depth of comments to be shown MPTT_COMMENTS_SELECT_RELATED Additional related objects to be used in select_related call for example ['user__designer', 'user__designer__level'] Use patch from ticket #7270 if you need reverse OneToOne lookups like in example above TODO ==== - Make the more link work without javascript Contributors ============ Михаил Сычёв (Mike)