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Refs #703, mention problem using shim config in node

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     For example, you cannot use a shim init function to call jQuery's noConflict.
     See <a href="jquery.html#noconflictmap">Mapping Modules to use noConflict</a>
     for an alternate approach to jQuery.</li>
+    <li>Shim config is not supported when running AMD modules in node via RequireJS (it works for optimizer use though). Depending on the module being shimmed, it may fail in Node because Node does not have the same global environment as browsers. As of RequireJS 2.1.7, it will warn you in the console that shim config is not supported, and it may or may not work. If you wish to suppress that message, you can pass <code>requirejs.config({ suppress: { nodeShim: true }});</code>.</li>
 <p><b>Important optimizer notes for "shim" config</b>:</p>