TinyMCE - The JavaScript Rich Text editor

Building TinyMCE

  1. Install Node.js
  2. Open a console and go to the project directory
  3. Write "npm i -g jake" to install the jake tool globally.
  4. Write "npm i" to install all package dependencies
  5. Build TinyMCE by writing "jake"

Build tasks

jake Runs the minifyjs, less, jshint build tasks.

jake -T List all build tasks.

jake minify Compiles the core classes, plugins and themes into minified versions.

jake less Compiles all LESS based skins into css files that can be included in the browser.

jake jshint Runs all js code though jshint.

jake eslint Runs all js code though eslint.

jake release Builds release packages with the version specified in changelog.txt.

jake bundle[themes:*] Bundles all themes into the tinymce core js files.

jake bundle[plugins:*] Bundles all plugins into the tinymce core js files.

jake phantomjs-tests Runs all qunit tests in a headless WebKit.

Bundle themes and plugins into core example

jake minify bundle[themes:modern,plugins:table,paste] Minifies the core, adds the modern theme and adds the table and paste plugin into tinymce.min.js.

Run code coverage on TinyMCE core

jake minify-core[coverage] Compiles the core classes with jscoverage data.

Run the unit tests on the minified TinyMCE core and click the coverage report button. tests/index.html?min=true

Contributing to the TinyMCE project

You can read more about how to contribute to this project at

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