Generator-XDD Application

Simple generator for memes.

Build with Slim3 PHP Framework.

Set up your own meme-machine

To set your own machine you will need to configure the Application with file ./application/config/site.php, Individual sites at ./sites/<appId>/config/ and paste your images into ./application/public/assets/images/source/ the hostnames are associatied with appId in file ./sites/sites.json


  • PHP 7.2
  • PHP-GD extension installed.
  • Composer

In order to run the Application on your local machine: download the repository navigate to the project root run composer update run CLI command php -S localhost:8080 -t application/public/ from the project root directory * in your browser open the url localhost:8080

PHP workers

All applicaitions shares supervisord workers. Entry in /etc/supervisor/conf.d/process_image.conf should execute php /var/www/application/bin/process_image.php /generate The image generation process will


By default the ConfigCache for application and sites is stored in the ./application/data/cache/. See for settings at ./application/src/settings.php

cron jobs

There is cron job to run on daily basis. The job removes images older than 2 days. The job is scripted at ./application/bin/rm_images.php


Installation instructions for node and grunt tasks are included inside the Vagrant file

To create your own bootstrap please go to online editor and replace file ./build/frontend/styles/_custom.scss with generated variables. You can also edit that file manually.

The issue tracker is located at

Development environment is described in

What is missing

  • csrf
  • prg
  • captcha
  • unit tests
  • interval on ajax load, if loading an image has failed then retry for 30 seconds
  • remove images older than 2 weeks
  • if image file does not exists but there is entry in DB, then generate img
  • proper git flow with configs
  • frontend compilation
  • documentation