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a few quick fixes

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 	if (imageLoaded)
-		currentFileIndex -= 1;
+		currentFileIndex--;
 	if (imageLoaded)
-		currentFileIndex += 1;
+		currentFileIndex++;
 	if (currentFileIndex > currentDirFiles.count() - 1)
 		currentFileIndex = 0;
-	if (currentFileIndex < 0)
+	else if (currentFileIndex < 0)
 		currentFileIndex = currentDirFiles.count() - 1;
 	currentFilePath = currentDir.absolutePath() + QDir::separator() + currentDirFiles[currentFileIndex];
 //load and resize images in separate thread so it doesn't lock up and you can show a loading animation and allow cancelling
 //ask for localization help in readme (if you can figure it out)
 //right to left reading?
-//when going to previous image, start on the right side?
 //command-del sends image to trash?
 //keyboard command to reveal the item in finder
 //could just use a timer instead of animations for arrow (leave for spacebar)
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