Windows Start button is visible in fullscreen mode

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I'm using Windows 8 on my notebook. I'm also using this program, which adds a startbutton to the desktop: When I run JA2 stracciatella in fullscreen mode, the start button is still visible, yet not clickable. I tried to make a screenshot, but the start button is not visible on the screenie. So, I took a phote with my cellphone:

Note that the cursor is hidden by the start button and the start button is not clickable and can't be captured by a screenshot.

Also, the problem does not occur with JA2 Gold (Vanilla) on the same system. Actually, the JA2 Gold installation is the same source, I'm using for stracciatella.

I hope, there is a way to make stracciatella "hide" the start button.

Edit: I can work around the issue by hiding the task bar.

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  1. JAsmine-ja2 reporter

    A new patch for the mentioned program was released which resolves this issue. I didn't expect, that this was an issue they could tackle, since Stracciatella was the only program in which the start button remained visible.

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