CGE Tools: Map Visualization

CGE Tool to visualize isolates on a map

The last working version can be found here


The following technologies have been used:


To test the map, Node.js, Grunt and Bower should be installed.

You can follow this tutorial.

To install all dependencies run

make install

For testing and to install all browser dependencies:

grunt serve

To build without pushing the distribution to Bitbucket:

grunt build-locally

which generates a dist folder with a portable version of the map


To create a distribution version of the app be sure to commit all your changes before you run grunt build. This command produces a folder called built and push it to a new branch on the git repository called production-map-client.

To deploy the map visualization app use the following command:

git clone\
 -b production-map-client\
--single-branch map

in the client folder and use get pull to get new updates.


If you want to contrinute, this is the development model used via this git extension


  • Jose Luis Bellod Cisneros
  • Valentin Ibanez