Nathan Phillip Brink committed 5565d9c

Fix spell-checking to correctly handle enchant not being installed.

The old way the spell-checker fallback mechanism worked caused enchant
to be used unconditionally.

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 		"aspell -l en list | cat" \
 		"hunspell -l -d en_US | hunspell -l -d en_GB" \
 		"ispell -l -denglish | ispell -l -dbritish"; do
-		if echo | ${speller%|*} | ${speller#*|} 2>/dev/null; then
+		if echo | ${speller%|*} 2>/dev/null \
+		    && echo | ${speller%|*} | ${speller#*|} 2>/dev/null; then
 			misspelled_words=$(echo "${@}" | ${speller%|*} | ${speller#*|})
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