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Nathan Phillip Brink  committed 85d4b12

Replace --no-spelling option with --nospelling option to be more consistent with existing parameter names, add -S/--nospelling to --help output.

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 	-f, --force		force repoman to proceed with the commit,
 	-H, --nochangelog	do not append to ChangeLog nor revert it,
 	-m, --noformat		do not prepend the commit message with package names,
+	-S, --nospelling	do not try to check commit message's spelling,
 	-q, --quiet		backwards compat (ignored),
 	-t, --trivial		trivial changes (do not add a ChangeLog entry),
 	-v, --verbose		enable verbose output,
-			-S|--no-spelling)
+			-S|--nospelling|--no-spelling)