This project demonstrates how to use LibGeoDecomp [1] together with a
Fortran kernels. For the sake of simplicity we use Conway's Game of
Life[2] as a demo kernel. We base our implementation on a code from
KTH's Summer School[3]. The original code is preserved in
game_of_life-serial.f90. The version ported to LibGeoDecomp is stored
in game_of_life-parallel.F90. The design goals for the port are:

- Simplicity, legibility

- Small delta to original code, so that modifications are easily
  understood and can be applied by others to similar codes.

- Performance should be on par with the original code. Because the
  Fortran kernel is linked against the LibGeoDecomp code, our
  templates cannot apply the same optimizations (e.g. accelerator
  offloading), but the code should still be able to run at decent
  speeds, e.g. with MPI.

LibGeoDecomp stands for Library for Geometric Decomposition codes.
It's purpose is to parallelize computer simulations. Supported models
include, but are not limited to, stencil codes, n-body codes, and
particle-in-cell methods.