What is this repository for?

!!! Please note that geomIO is currently under development.

geomIO is a MATLAB-based library to create 3D volumes based on series of 2D vector drawings.
These volumes are thought to be used as input geometries for thermomechanical deformation models (e.g. Stokes flow)

In numerical models material properties can be defined (1) on elements (e.g. in body-fitted finite element), or (2) on a set of Lagrangian markers (Eulerian, ALE or mesh-free methods). Other methods such as level sets exist but are not discussed here. The purpose of geomIO is to painlessly convert drawings into material properties (1) by creating a mesh that fits the contours of the shapes drawn or by (2) assigning material phases to markers inside the shapes drawn. Users can draw a series of 2D drawings that represent 2D cross sections in the 3D space. geomIO is then used to create 3D volumes by interpolating between the cross sections. Material properties can the be assigned to markers inside the volumes. Body-fitted mesh in 3D are not supported yet.

  • Current version 0.1

  • For the moment, please cite geomIO as follows:

    Baumann, T.S. & Bauville, A. (2016). geomIO: A tool for geodynamicists to turn 2D cross-sections into 3D
    geometries. Geophysical Research Abstracts. Vol. 18, EGU2016-17980.EGU General Assembly 2016.


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