hgbook / ja / examples / mq.tutorial.qnew2.out

$ \textbf{hg qnew second.patch}
$ \textbf{hg log --style=compact --limit=2}
  [mq]: second.patch

  [mq]: first.patch

$ \textbf{echo 'line 4' >> file1}
$ \textbf{hg qrefresh}
$ \textbf{hg tip --style=compact --patch}
  [mq]: second.patch

diff -r  -r  file1

@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@ line 1
 line 1
 line 2
 line 3
+line 4

$ \textbf{hg annotate file1}
0: line 1
1: line 2
1: line 3
2: line 4
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