** Introduction **

The Sonic Message Manager is an application aimed at replacing the JMS Test Client 
provided with Sonic MQ for general use. It will does support the most advanced features 
of the JMS Test Client, but will provide other features that the JMS Test Client lacks.

For regular updates, more information and discussions, please visit the web site at Leave comments about the program and submit ideas and patches.
A public bug tracker and sourcecode repository are being prepared but it may take a
little time for these to go online.

The primary distibution medium is Java Web Start. Use the web start links on the download
page of the web site to start and install the program on your computer. You will receive
updated versions of the program automatically when you do this. Another way to start the
program is to compile the jar yourself and place it in your SonicMQ "lib" directory. Double
click the jar file to start.

Java 5 or higher is required to run Sonic Message Manager.

** Features **

- Automatically discovers brokers in the connected Sonic(TM) Domain
- Lists queues on the selected broker to prevent needless typing
- Delete all message from a queue
- Deleting messages anywhere on a queue
- Drag (multiple) messages from one queue to another
- Send messages by dragging files on to a queue
- Send one message multiple times
- Set JMSCorrelationID and JMSReplyTo on outgoing messages
- Set custom Header Properties on test message
- Copy/drag a message part to another queue or a program
- Re-uses connections from the Sonic(TM) Management Console
- Displays every part of a multi-part message separately
- Includes hex-viewer for BytesMessages

** Legalese **

You may use Message Manager only with a valid license for Sonic MQ 6.1 or later 
(it won't do you any good without anyway). Sonic Message Manager is not supported, 
endorsed by or affiliated with Aurea Software in any way. Do not contact Aurea 
Software with questions or remarks. Instead, e-mail one of the developers mentioned 
on the "Help" tab or open an issue in our issue tracker.

"Sonic" is a trademark of Aurea Software.