MessageManager to support MS Service Bus?

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Hello, We've been using the Sonic Message Manager for years now and are exploring the idea of switching Aurea out for Microsoft Service Bus for Windows and then possibly later on for switching to Azure Service Bus.

The Service Bus supports JMS w/AMQP which is quite similar to this product. I like what you've done with this tool and was wondering if you will be expanding it to other JMS friendly middleware platforms?

Thanks, Rob

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  1. Gerco Dries repo owner

    I'm planning expansion to other platforms (see the 3.0 build that I released some time ago, which supports ActiveMQ). I hadn't considered MSMQ yet, though. Currently the plan is to add support for Amazon SQS and Solace, because those are the platforms I work with most at this time.

    There is no reason why Message Manager couldn't support MSMQ that I know of, as long as it makes information available about which queues, etc exist to a client (which is not available through JMS or AMQP API, so some custom coding is required for each messaging provider).

    If you feel like contributing, have a look at the JMSDomain interface in the source code to see which kinds of methods are required to implement. If all or most of those operations are available in MSMQ then it should be relatively simple to add support for it, given time.

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