Activate profile results in frozen client

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Issue #29 closed
SinisterN99 created an issue

Following these actions:

  • Launch Message Manager 3.0.
  • Select SonicMQ profile
  • add following jar files: sonic_XMessage.jar, MFdirectory.jar, mgmt_config.jar, sonic_XA.jar, mgmt_client.jar, sonic_ASPI.jar, mail.jar, sonic_SSL.jar, sonic_mgmt_client.jar, sonic_Selector.jar, xercesImpl.jar, sonic_SF.jar, sonic_Client_ext.jar, sonic_Client.jar, sonic_Channel.jar, smc.jar, activation.jar, sonic_Crypto.jar

(all these jars are added when I choose sonic_Client.jar)

  • press Activate profile (Activating profile text shows up)

  • Client opens

Client is completely frozen. No GUI elements can be interacted with (not even de X to close). Task has to be killed with Task manager.

Is there a log file being stored somewhere to perhaps see what might be going wrong in the background?

Kind regards

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  1. Gerco Dries repo owner

    There is no log file, but you can still get log messages in 2 ways:

    1. Activate the Java console from the Java control panel and run the program via web start.

    2. Download the jar file manually and run it from the command line.

    I would recommend downloading the jar file manually from and then running it like this:

    java -Ddeveloper=true -jar messagemanager-app-jar-with-dependencies-3.0.jar

    This will print out a lot of log messages and can hopefully help to pinpoint the issue.

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