SonicMQ v10 / 2015 error activating profile

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Issue #47 resolved
Former user created an issue

when trying to activate profile for SonicMQ with jars from sonic version 10.0 (sonic 2015) error pops up

Clicking activate again throws error "PluginManager can only load Plugins once once!"

Is there a working copy for Sonic 10 / 2015?

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  1. Gerco Dries repo owner

    Message Manager works with Sonic 2015, I use it regularly. The error you are getting points to a missing jar file, specifically smc.jar. Could it be that you are adding jars from a “client only” installation of Sonic MQ?

    If you have the admin tools or a full Sonic MQ installation locally, add one of the jars in the MQ lib directory (sonic_Client.jar, for example) and all the other required jar files will automatically be added.


    PS. Sent from a small device, please excuse any typos.

  2. Gerco Dries repo owner

    Reply from Anonymous: yes, you are correct that I was using a client-only jar package with no smc.jar. When I pointed to the correct lib director it works as expected. Thank you!

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