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CakePHP Responsive template for bake shell ========================================== Screenshots ----------- * http://i.imgur.com/u3ykJYy.png - Index listing * http://i.imgur.com/4SZlS9T.png - Single item view * http://i.imgur.com/YfrPz8K.png - Item edit/create form Installation ------------ Download the latest source and put the folders either in `ROOT/app/Console/Templates` or `ROOT/lib/Cake/Console/Templates` depending on if you want to use your application console executable (`ROOT/app/Console/cake`) or the library executable (`ROOT/lib/Cake/Console/cake`) and share the responsive templates along different cake projects. Usage ----- ### First time usage * `cd /path/to/app` * `Console/cake bake project` - this is mandatory, as the skeleton ships with `RFormHelper` class which is needed. ### Generate responsive views Simply use bake shell as usual `cake bake all Product` will bake Model, Controller and all the CRUD views for your products. License ------- Use wherever you find useful, as long as you include the license.