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Jan Harkema  committed 4998e69

- Looking in the django.conf.settings to see if we should specify a domain on which the allow_cookies or hide_cookie_bar cookies will be set
- Updated README to explain the above functionality
- Added myself to AUTHORS

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     Jeffrey Gelens <jeffrey@noppo.pro>
     Jos Vennik <josvennik@gmail.com>
     Jeroen Huls <jeroenhuls@gmail.com>
+    Jan Harkema <jan.harkema@gmail.com>


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 - Load the cookie_bar template tags and include {% show_cookie_bar %} under the <body> tag in your base template.
 - Create a cookie bar in the admin (if you do not a default bar will be created, you should edit this asap).
 - Surround your cookies with {% if request.COOKIES.allow_cookies == '1' %} <cookie> {% endif %}
+- To change the domain used for the cookies to check a visitor's preferences, create a Django setting.COOKIE_LAW_DOMAIN
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