lib_django_cookie_law / CHANGELOG

---------------------Version History:--------------------------------------

0.1    12-11-2012 - Improved README, added, added comments
0.1.1  15-11-2012 - Changed reload delay to 1.5 seconds. Sometimes took too long for cookie to be set.
0.1.2  15-11-2012 - You can now set the text displayed in the cookie bar and the link to your cookie page.
0.1.3  21-11-2012 - Optimized jQuery call to create cookie.
0.1.4  21-11-2012 - Fixed templatetag not passing request to template and fixed retrieving headers from the request.
0.1.5  22-11-2012 - Button title can now be changed, default styling included.
0.1.6  30-11-2012 - Added a default cookie bar, removed import error, it caused issues during live deployments.
0.2.0  05-12-2012 - Multilingual support added, optional title and close-button field added, link and link_name made optional.
0.2.1  13-12-2012 - Javascript changed, csrf_token was sometimes nog being passed
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