kindle.py: Command line tool for sending files to your kindle.

I download mobi files. I have a Kindle. I like using my Kindle email address to receive them without dealing with cables.

I don't like downloading them, then uploading them to my browser again to send as an attachment to an email. So, I wrote kindle.py.

kindle.py takes a list of files as positional arguments, and emails them to your kindle address, from your email account.

I use it as the default program to open mobi files with, so I don't have to worry about transferring them anymore. I recommend you do the same.


You'll need Python 2.7 (maybe 2.6 will work, I'm not sure to be honest).

Also make sure you have outbox and keyring installed. To install them, you'll need pip or something similar;

pip install outbox keyring


See the example config, example.cfg. To use it, you'll need to enter the email address for your kindle, and configure your email account for sending the files.


Usage is simple:

kindle.py bookone.mobi booktwo.mobi

And that's it.