dragonfly-stp-1 / dragonfly.vel

The protocol-3 branch has multiple heads

# These are build options for dragonfly. They are loaded
# by vellum when a build task is run and are made available
# in the config namespace in the build file. This means that
# if the variable "foo" is defined here it's possible to use the value
# as "%(foo)s" in the build spec. You usually don't need to care about
# that, but you might want to tweak values defined underneath.
# Known options
#   Project: the project name
#   perl: path to perl executable
#   jsdoc: path to jsdoc.pl script

options (
   project "Dragonfly"
   perl "c:/perl/bin/perl.exe"
   jsdoc "c:/temp/JSDoc-1.10.2/jsdoc.pl"
   python" c:/python25/python.exe"
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