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JavaFX Gradle Plugin

This plugin will ultimately provide gradle build tasks for the JavaFX Deployment tools in the Java 7 JDK.

Hopefully this plugin will also set conventions that a Maven Mojo could follow as well.

To Test Drive

This plugin works with either Java 7 or Java 8 (except the ConferenceScheduleApp demo requires JavaFX 8). For Windows installers you need the pre-requisite third party items installed.

#install the plugin to your local maven repo
gradle install

#Build the samples
cd samples/<sample of choice>
gradle assemble

The samples will land in samples/<sample>/build/distributions/bundles.

Recent activity

Gabriel Féron

Commits by Gabriel Féron were pushed to gferon/javafx-gradle

fb8aff2 - Added some missing flags, that I needed for my app, in the jfxDeploy task: offlineAllowed, updateMode, codebase, and all the shortcut icon properties
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